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Richmond clinic seeking those with COPD and type II diabetes for focused studies and care

Richmond Clinical Trials offer new treatments and hope for medical patients
Richmond Clinical Trials is located at Unit 115 - 13575 on Commerce Parkway in Richmond. Photo via Richmond Clinical Trials

Canada’s medical services are the envy of many other nations. That’s because it allows patients to access some of the finest caregivers, infrastructure and equipment in the medical industry.

Despite this, not everyone in the community has their needs fulfilled, especially if you are in need of prompt care and in search of alternative treatments that are deemed outside traditional or current means.

That’s where organizations such as Richmond Clinical Trials can step in and fill a vital need.

Specializing in clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry, they seek patients willing to participate in studies to help healthcare providers better understand diseases, their progression and potential treatments.

Currently, Richmond Clinical Trials is seeking adults from across the Lower Mainland diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and at risk of a cardiopulmonary event, as well as adults with type II diabetes prescribed metformin, with or without a SGLT2 inhibitor. Successful applicants must undergo and pass a required screening process to ensure they meet specific study criteria. Once selected, participants are expected to adhere to the study protocol and attend scheduled study visits.

In return, the benefits of participation in the clinical trials are numerous.

First of all, many patients can receive the newest treatments before they become widely available, which can be especially beneficial for those with conditions that have limited treatment options.

Patients also have the opportunity to learn more about their specific condition, potential treatments and become better-informed about healthcare decisions. The treatment is provided in a timely, and patient focused manner.

Are there any risks?

Although there may be risks from the investigational product that may not be immediately apparent, the health of every subject is closely monitored by medical doctors and nurse practitioners at Richmond Clinical Trials.

"As a nurse practitioner and sub-investigator at Richmond Clinical Trials, my responsibility is to ensure the safety of potential participants in research studies,” says Sara Eftekhar. “This involves a comprehensive review of their medical history, lab results, medications and conducting detailed physical examinations.

“Participant safety is our top priority, and we collaborate closely with their primary care providers to monitor and maintain their health throughout the study.”

Eftekhar adds that there is never any pressure for individuals to participate, and they can always schedule an appointment to discuss the risks versus benefits before deciding to join.

Additionally, participants are free to withdraw from the clinical study at any time.

Sara Eftekhar brings her experience as a Nurse Practitioner in urgent and primary care and her background in institutional research to her role as Sub-Investigator at Richmond Clinical Trials. Photo via RCT

‚Äč"People appreciate having easy access to a nurse practitioner or physician to ask questions about their medical conditions and potential treatment options,” Eftekhar says. “Building rapport, meeting participants where they are at, and fostering inclusivity are our priorities. We develop strong relationships with participants, and they look forward to visiting our offices.”

Looking ahead, Richmond Clinical Trials will have new studies for various other conditions coming down the pipeline. Even if your condition is not currently under study, you are encouraged to reach out if you’re interested in being part of research for any indication.

To find out if taking part in a study through Richmond Clinical Trials is the right option for you, visit their website at for more information or call 604-373-4954.