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New-Line Hose and Fittings carries the most extensive inventory selection across North America

From the backyard to the work yard, New-Line Hose and Fittings does it all
New-Line Hose and Fittings' extensive inventory encompasses over 40,000 products. Photo via New-Line Hose and Fittings

From the weekend warrior planting a few roses to companies in need of complex fire safety systems, New-Line Hose and Fittings is the one-stop shop across B.C.

To truly appreciate the breadth of product and expertise found at New Line Hose and Fittings, look no further than the company’s recently released 2024 product catalogue.

Surely, a publication that speaks to hoses and fittings can’t be that in-depth, can it?

It can.

Laid out across a website teeming with products and product knowledge, New-Line Hose and Fittings represent one of the most extensive hose and fitting inventories available in North America.

For those larger-scale operations, New-Line Hose and Fittings’ sweet spot is found in businesses spanning the automotive, agriculture, construction, food processing, forestry, fire protection, marine and mining sectors, among many others.

With spring now fully in bloom and the summer beckoning, New-Line Hose and Fittings can cover all of those seasonal wish lists across propane needs, gardening accessories, RV equipment, fire protection, food processing and all things winery related.

Beyond products, New-Line Hose and Fittings also offer a vast selection of value-added services: hose certification; training, consultation and support; kitting and customized offerings; a major project support team for large-scale infrastructure needs; training in chemical applications and comprehensive inventory management.

The inventory management piece is a gamechanger for both New-Line and its customers. If you have your own shop and want to get all of your fittings from New-Line, its staff can help manage your inventory and help with re-stocking so you and your employees don’t have to do anything.

It’s this type of VIP service that has seen the company not just survive, but thrive as a premier North American brand since 1972. New-Line takes great pride in the fact that it has employees who have worked with the company for decades. Simply put, New-Line has a specialist for every application.

And whether it’s discussing a specific product, or the application that it’ll be used in, New-Line Hose and Fittings employees always stress safety as priority number one.

When it comes to any sort of critical applications, there are always multiple people and multiple resources involved to make sure that you’re in good hands when choosing the right product for your application – this ensures that the end result will be a safe environment for everyone involved on the job.

To learn more about New-Line Hose and Fittings and browse their 2024 catalogue, visit